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Lesson 34 - How to extract audio from YouTube / any flv file

In the course of my last post, I was confronted with a video which had the sound I wished but a useless image I had no need for. (Not so useless. Depends on how you look at it. It was a picture of Bill Nye, The Science Guy. Childhood science experiments. Good memories revisited.)

Download this free tool called flv extractor. (FLV Extractor Download Link). Drag the downloaded flv file onto it and watch as the software magically creates a video .avi file and a sound .mp3 file.

(Digression - How to download the flv file?
Orbit Downloader seems ok.
For Mozilla, get a plug-in.)

Now enjoy the (often) copyrighted average-quality music without the annoying video mash ups.

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